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Business Wine & Champagne Concepts and Ideas

From our vast experience of working within the corporate wine sector we have produced the following ideas and concepts for how our various products and services will best serve your company.

Gift Products

Product Launches
Premises or Branch Opening
Seasonal Gifts ( Christmas, Easter, Valentine)
Image Enhancement
Reward Incentives
Retirement Gifts
Leaving Presents
Company Anniversaries

Vineyard Tours

Corporate Bonding
Outward Bound
Management Vacation
Staff Outing
Short Break

Wine Tasting Events

Team Bonding
Client Networking
Product Launches
Premises or Branch Opening
Seasonal Event

For more details please use our enquiry form or arrange for a Corporate Wine UK representative to call you back.

  Wine & Champage Gifts
Wine Tastings
  Wine & Champage Gifts
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  Vineyard Tours
Vineyard Tours
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Wine Events

Customer Feedback

“Excellent prices and prompt delivery. Just to top it off the wine was also excellent, many thanks”.
Mr Dave Hargreaves
General Manager – Care Training